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Saying NO For Your Health

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Why is saying no to doing something so difficult for many of us?

Mostly women struggle with this, we are typically carers and doers and don't want to let people down. But the crux of it is if we keep giving and giving and doing and doing our health will ultimatley suffer. Either our physical or mental health.

It can be very hard to let someone we care about down, sometimes it can be heartbreaking for them. We are only given one life, so why spend it doing things we don't want to. At the end of the day we are left with us.

To say No can be learnt, by learning to slow down and notice what we are feeling and where the feeling is, is a good place to start. Many people do not know what a feeling is. To be able to understand that if your stomach feels like a washing machine inside, that generally means something in your life is out of wack!

For some people it does come naturally but for many it takes practice and consciously noticing the times you say yes when you mean NO.

If the answer to something is not Hell Yes than maybe it should be Hell No.

In the podcast below Lucy from Newcastle Health Collective and I discuss how I am learning to say No for my health.

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