My Morning Ritual

I've never been one to like being in a routine, but 3 years ago when I was getting over the "shit hitting the fan again" aka breast cancer, I decided to make changes so it didn't happen again.

Hence my morning ritual began. And it has changed my life. For the better.

The less decisions in life you have to make the better hye?? so having a morning go to - that brings you to the day feeling energized, focused, grounded and clear headed, why not do it.

A ritual is different to a rountine in that it connects you emotionally to your self.

Its a form of self care and we all do not do enought of that.

My morning ritual goes something like this:

Wake at sunrise - remind myself of the things that happened the day prior that I am grateful for. I know that is very cliche but it works. We spend way too much time not focussing on the good in our lives.

Meditate - I listen to one on insight timer or guide myself. As now I am a meditation teacher and all! Meditation is the best thing I have given myself, I have always meditated but not regularly as I do now and this is where the benefits of it come in, from doing it daily. Did you know that meditating can help you feel more calm, sleep better, feel happier.

Write - Journal - or whatever you like to call it. I write lots some days and other days not much. As I have spent more time on self care and healing my body and mind I find I can write lots, about anything. My mind and heart are open

Yoga or a walk - Then some exercise. Yoga or a walk is always part of my morning now as it energises and sets me up for the day.

I know this all sounds like it takes ages from your morning but literally you can do it in 1/2 an hour.

You are worth getting out of bed 1/2 an hour earlier and you deserve the time for yourself. Why not give it a try and you never know down the track, like me, you may find you are still doing it 3 years later.

Cheers to a beautiful start to your day.

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