Updated: Jan 7, 2021

A diagnosis of breast cancer brings up a myriad of emotions, emotions that are changing constantly. The diagnosis will change us forever. I believe when I was diagnosed the first time, if I had of learnt then to relax I may have had a different experience.

Our mental health should be a priority not just our body.

Relaxation is a great place to look at in our lives.

Relaxation can mean something different to everyone. It doesn't necessarily mean we need to be sitting down and lounging around.

It's about learning to notice our body and notice when & which areas are tense. By learning relaxation techniques and mindfullness meditation we are able to begin to notice when we are tense.

The more we relax the body the more relaxation will flow onto calm the mind.

Bringing relaxation into our daily life we can start to make it a habit, a go to when we know that something is going to be tough, like an appointment, surgery, chemo or even yearly checkups.

By simply starting with our breath and using delibrate, mindful breathing we can begin to slow down our excessive thinking and come back to our senses more.

Also by using our breath along with a progressive muscle relaxation procedure we can learn to relax our bodies.

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